"You have to be there with your heart - there's no other way!"

Name: Andreas Stöger

Age: 43

Profession: State-recognized geriatric nurse, practice instructor, nursing manager and owner of "HoamatCare" Kollnburg

At the BFS Bad Kötzting: 2003 to 2006

How was your time at the BFS in Bad Kötzting?
"Very positive. The teachers taught us the necessary specialist knowledge well - and they did so gently, without pressure and in an open manner. We were the first three-year apprenticeship year and we made it together - even if the model was still new to everyone."

What are the most beautiful aspects of the job for you?
"I like the outpatient care service. Here you have time, you're better integrated into the family and people's living environment than in a home. It gives me a completely different relationship to people - that's what I enjoy the most."

What advice do you have for prospective caregivers?
"You have to put your heart into your work. You immediately identify those who are forced to do it or who are only there for financial reasons. And everyone has to find their personal area - whether outpatient or inpatient."