"Find your field and become an expert in it!"

Name: Belinda Vogel

Age: 39

Profession: geriatric nurse, further training to become a practical instructor

At the FSO Cham: 2011-2014

How was your time at the BFS Bad Kötzting?
"In my opinion, the vocational school is excellent. You are challenged, you are drilled, but in a good way. The preparation for later professional life is very good. There are also subjects that I didn't consider so important at the time, such as biography or employment later proved indispensable."

What do you enjoy most about your job?
"My favorite area is care itself. You support the elderly and accompany them in their everyday life. In the outpatient care service you have a little more time than in other places, that fits quite well."

What advice do you have for aspiring professionals in this field?
"Take time for the customers! For me, they are not patients, because old age is not an illness. Support is just as important as professional and factual care. You also have to understand people and their actions. Respect and consideration are A and O !"